Chocolate and Coffee Cupcakes

I decided to try a variation on the chocolate cupcakes below. I added about 2 teaspoons instant coffee disolved in a few teaspoons of hot water to the batter. You could add more for a stronger coffee taste.I used espresso cups which I greased with butter. The cups didn’t alter the cooking time. I filled them 3/4 full of batter, I like the random tops of the cooked cakes. I dusted some with cocoa and icing sugar.


And then I experimented with icing sugar, vanilla and milk to make icing for a cappuccino. If served immediately after icing the icing stays nice and runny.

cap1.jpg cap2.jpg

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  1. Shalane

    This is Shalane from your favorite board!! I love all your recipies!!! 🙂

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