Wilton Ultimate 3-IN-1 Cake Caddy

This is my new toy! It’s a handy cake carrier that solves the problem of how to transport cupcakes and muffins. Inside the container is a reversible, removable tray with space for 12 large cupcakes to sit on one side, or 24 smaller cupcakes on the other side. The smaller side holds 24 of my cupcakes (each with a 5 cm/2 inch base)  with a bit of a squeeze! You can also remove the tray altogether and use the caddy to carry one large cake.


 Photo from Wilton website

According to the Wilton website the container measures 17.9 in. x by 14.4 in. x 6.8 in. By my estimates, that translates to 45.5 cm x 36.5 cm x 14 cm. If you live in the US, you can purchase one straight from the Wilton website. For Australians, the only local supplier I have found is Peter’s of Kensington. I bought the caddy about two weeks ago for the reduced price of $33. It normally retails for $55 here — or $19.95 in the US. I haven’t found anything similar to transport cupcakes as yet. There are also plenty of 3-IN-1 Cake Caddies available on Ebay.

Update: I have also seen this at Victoria’s Basement in Sydney, for the reduced price of $39.95. It is also available from Iced Affair for $79.95.


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3 Responses to Wilton Ultimate 3-IN-1 Cake Caddy

  1. betafish

    This is kind of cool. They have something for everything now.


  2. Christine

    These are also available at Spotlight – not sure of the price though 🙂 I want one!!

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