Wilton No. 2110 (1M) Open Star Decorating Tip

Santa also brought a new tip for my piping bag. The No. 2110 (1M) is the attachment you need to create great big swirls of icing to pile on top of your cupcakes. It usually requires a large coupler (the plastic part to attach the tip to the bag), however, you could probably get away with not using one — just slide the tip into your bag. Here is a good explanation of how to make swirls with your No. 2110.




For Wilton products in Sydney, try The Essential Ingredient in Crows Nest, Peters of Kensington in Kensington or eBay. Unfortunately, Wilton’s online store does not ship internationally.


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2 Responses to Wilton No. 2110 (1M) Open Star Decorating Tip

  1. Your pictures are amazing!!! I only wish I took pictures of cupcakes as well as you do. And thanks for the linkage as well. xo~ laurie (quirky cupcake)

  2. katiec

    Hi Laurie,

    Thanks for your kind words! My background is in photography so I love combining it with my other love – baking!

    I’m thinking of trying December’s Cupcake Hero theme, so I’ll be in touch.


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