Cupcakes on Pitt

As a self-proclaimed cupcake connoisseur, I feel it’s my duty to taste all of the fine cupcakes on offer in this city I call home. So when the opportunity presented itself to sample some treats at Cupcakes on Pitt, who was I to refuse? Cupcakes on Pitt is in the the middle of downtown Sydney.

This year, Cupcakes on Pitt introduced a smaller, less-expensive cupcake, which is now their standard size cake. The smaller cupcakes retail for $2 each. The larger ones the shop previously sold were $3.50. They are still available through special order. The new size is perfect, just enough for a sweet treat. There is a good range of flavours, but get there early in the day before the ones you are after sell out!

I tried two cupcakes: one orange jaffa and another with strawberry icing.


Both cupcakes were vanilla cakes. The orange jaffa one had orange icing. The other cupcake had strawberry icing. The overall taste was average; it didn’t taste homemade, but it wasn’t quite as bad as a supermarket cake! They do look cute though, and the box has a window in the top, so customers can gaze lovingly at their cupcakes all the way home. You can also eat in-store, there are a few tables and chairs.


1 cupcake = poor (stay away!)
2 cupcakes = not bad
3 cupcakes = pretty good
4 cupcakes = very good
5 cupcakes = excellent (eat now!)

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  1. Amy

    Hey Katie,
    Since I began baking non-stop, -other- cakes are inferior. 🙂 Blessing, and a curse. 🙂


    (I’m about to make the Rapunzel cakes this week. Yum.)

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