Cupcake Tour of America – San Diego part 2

I’d all but given up on finding a cupcake shop in San Diego (I’m sure they exist, we just didn’t have the time), until on our last night I spied red velvet cupcake on the menu of the restaurant we were at – Claim Jumper. Yay! I ordered one to take home. The container squashed the pretty icing, but who was I to complain!
I tucked into the cupcake late that night, but I was sadly disappointed. It was dense and oily, without much flavour. The red wasn’t as brilliant as the artificially-coloured recipe I use, which would have been OK if the texture was “velvety”. If that cupcake had been my introduction to red velvet I would have decided I didn’t like it, and probably never tried to bake it myself. Lucky that wasn’t the case!

Katie’s cupcake tour of America rating – 1/5

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  1. lou holtz

    Ditto, that Claim Jumper cupcake is no better than something you would buy at Ralph’s.

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