The Cupcake Courier

Update: I filled the courier this weekend with 36 cupcakes to take to a birthday party. It was so much easier to transport the cupcakes in the courier. My only complaint is that you may get a little icing on your fingers as you take each cupcake out, but overall I love the courier!

This is something I have been wanting for a long time! And finally, it is available in the lands down under (Australia and New Zealand). I ordered it Tuesday morning and it arrived Thursday morning. Speedy! I ordered white because I didn’t think hubby would appreciate taking a pink container to work on the train when I bake for his co-workers! I paid $59.95 plus shipping.

From the website:

The Cupcake Courier is an ingenious device that allows you to carry and store up to 36 cupcakes or muffins.  Transporting cupcakes has never been easier or more stylish! 

The Cupcake Courier has three stackable cupcake trays with twelve cups per tray.  The trays will securely hold your cupcakes in place so they will be less liked to get smooshed in transit.  Each tray is stackable and removable.  Simply lift the trays from The Cupcake Courier and store cakes and baked goods of all sizes.  The Cupcake Courier is dishwasher safe and completely air tight.

Order here for Australians and New Zealanders or here for Americans. It is also available through Amazon. I plan on filling it soon – will update then.


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4 Responses to The Cupcake Courier

  1. Shalane

    That’s so cool!

  2. Carla Frasier

    It’s only $24.99 on and

  3. katiec

    Hi Carla,

    Unfortunately the Amazon stores that had the courier in stock and don’t ship to Australia, unless something has changed since I last checked. Target Australia does not stock it.

    That’s a good tip for US residents though!


  4. I have had fun reading your blog, your photos are good quality. I never have much luck photographing my endeavours in the kitchen. I am going to get one of these patty cake carriers. Thanks for the link.

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