Nanna’s Raisin Cake

Everyone in my family loves this cake. My uncle likes the end pieces and my dad likes to cut himself a piece while it’s still warm. My Nanna has been making it since long before I was born I’m sure. It’s the only cake I’ve seen her make from scratch and it was always a fun treat in my school lunch box. She always makes it the same way, in a square tin. She slices the cake into strips and then in half again and serves it with Meadow Lea margarine on top. On the day it’s baked the edges are nice and crunchy, the following days the edges are sticky and sweet. My Nanna has never liked cooking or baking so thank you for all the raisin cake Nanna!
My mission is to bake raisin cake that is as close to her version as possible, in order to keep the tradition going! I’m sure my children will grow up with raisin cake, hopefully Nanna will be the one baking it for them.
I attempted Nanna’s raisin cake recipe for the first time today, it looks paler than hers, but I haven’t tasted it yet. I’m going to keep doing it til I get it right!

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