Ain’t No Fun

I hope Snoop doesn’t mind me paraphrasing him, but he said it so well. “Ain’t no fun” when your giant cupcake isn’t a success. This is attempt two. I used the recipe supplied. I baked for for the recommended time…and then some. The centre didn’t ever bake all the way through while the edges just getting darker and darker, and I guess just plain old burnt in the end. I gave up trying to bake it. Perhaps I will try another day. Or perhaps cupcakes were never meant to be giant!

These fine cupcake makers seemed to do ok with the giant cupcake, at least by the look of these photos.


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  1. roo

    I too made this recently and found it to be equally frustrating. I went with a vegan cake recipe but ran into the same types of problems.

    It eventually came together but I had to play with it a bit to get it to look decent. Also, lopsided and top heavy. I’m not sure how much use I’ll get out of this pan but, very cute idea =)

  2. MizzAdamz is a great link to use the tin JUST so..
    It claims you fill and bake the “bottom” for a bit before filling the “top” and baking for the remaining time

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