More Birthday Cupcakes

Happy birthday Jess, may this one be a happy one!


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  1. Karen

    Hi, can you PLEASE tell me how you get your icing so perfect. I have tried the buttercream icing recipe from the Crabapple cookbook, but it didn’t hold it’s shape when I was piping! Thank you

    • katiec

      Hi Karen,

      I don’t have any big secrets for this frosting, but increasing the butter content will make it thicker. More milk will thin it. Quite often I don’t measure the ratio the ingredients though! Use icing sugar rather than icing sugar mixture might also help.

      • Karen

        Thank you so much, I will try to increase the butter amount and change to icing sugar instead of icing mixture. You don’t use any shortening or anything instead of butter at all? Also, one more, I’ve heard salted butter works better, do you use salted or unsalted butter? Thank you

  2. katiec

    No, I always use unsalted butter, no shortening. Next time I make it I’ll pay special attention to what works best,

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