Women’s Weekly Children’s Birthday Cake Book

After searching quite a few times, I finally found my mum’s copy of The Australian Women’s Weekly Children’s Birthday Cake Book. Most Aussie kids from the ’80s have fond memories of looking through this cake book. The cakes looked so amazing!


 I won’t be scanning any more recipes from this book as it has been republished and is widely available for purchase. Thank you.


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  1. kym

    my daughter is after a copy of this particular book but having trouble finding one – the later versions are around but not this one – any idea where i can pick up a good copy?

    • katiec

      Hi Kym,

      I think http://www.ebay.com.au is the best place to get it as it is now out of print. It looks to be selling for about $30AUS. Try searching for Womans Weekly birthday also, as you may find some copies with a misspelt auction title.

      Good luck,


    • Tracey

      I am confused as to why people would spend $30 on the old edition when you can get the new edition cheaper?? What is the difference? I also remember it as a child and am keen to get a copy.

      • katiec

        Hi Tracey,

        I believe the new version is different to the old one. I think people pay the $30 for a little piece of nostalgia. I’m glad I have my mum’s orginal copy – good memories!


  2. pat deemer

    hi was wondering where i can get the women weekly childern birthday cake book. iam live in sydney can you help me please.


  3. My mother owned this book when I was growing up (for all I know she still has it). We used to spend months in the lead-up to our birthdays choosing which cake we would have (but we weren’t allowed to choose the train).

    • Jan Allen

      I did make the train cake for my son’s 2nd Birthday (30 years ago)and now my daughter wants to make if for her sons Birthday.
      As I said below I am surprised that I just can’t find the book anywhere. I used it every year for my three children and they loved looking through the pages every year.
      Can you help with the picture and instructions for the cake.
      I would really appreciate it. Not much time I’m afraid as his birthday is next weekend.

  4. Natasha

    I love all these comments! I just did a search for a photo of the cover of this cake book, to jog my memory, so thanks for uploading it! I have searched high and low for my copy, and I just don’t know where it has gotten to. It was quite the trendsetting birthday cake bible for supermoms in the late 80s, and my children share the fond memories of choosing cakes from it for their special day. I do take exception to the comment about the ducky cake tho! I made two of them for my twin daughters’ 1st birthday, which is in hot hot August here in Canada. They had their little friends over for a wading pool party, replete with floating rubber duckies, duck-shaped helium balloons, duck-decorating crafts, fowl games like: duck duck goose, and pin the feather on the ducky, a jell-o pool for the brave ones to cool off in! and quacking ducks sporting age-appropriate treats hung around their necks as take-home. party favours. The little duck cakes were greeted with amazement, and it sealed my fate as an over-the-top party-thrower – much to my exasperation, as I felt I had to outdo myself on the kids’ parties year after year! But I still laugh at the memory of the potato chip beaks slowly sliding off the cakes on a 30*C+ day!

    My kids are in university these days, but I am sure I remember a Castle Cake from it. It was time-consuming but much less so than the Ms Stewart ones! I really need to make this cake for a special person, and I hoping that someone out there has a copy of this book, and would be so kind as to scan the photo and recipe in for me. I’d really appreciate it!

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane!



  6. Jan Allen

    I used the same Birthday Cake book for years for my childrens’ cakes – can’t remember how many different ones made.

    My daughter now wants to make her son the train (it is the best train!!) Can’t believe it but I cannot find the book anywhere.

    Can anyone help with a picture and instructions, recipe etc. I would be very grateful.
    Only thing is – don’t have much time as his birthday is next weekend.

    I honestly thought I would go to my recipe books and it would be on the shelf!!

    Thanks in anticipation.

    • katiec

      Yes Jan, I can scan it for you tomorrow.


      • katiec

        I just sent it to you Jan.

        Best of luck!


      • IngridM

        Hi Katie

        Is there any chance you would mind forwarding me a copy of the train design too, I had it for my first birthday and now I want to make it for my son…. really sorry to bother you thanks so much if you have the time I really appreciate it.


      • Jo

        Hi Katie,

        I realise that this blog was sometime ago, but having moved to the US a few years back I am having the hardest time getting a copy of the cookbook. I would love to make the train cake for my son’s second birthday in June. Any chance you would mind emailing it to me too?

        Thanks so much in advance! Happy baking all!!


  7. I have my mum’s copy of this book and have made several of the cakes for my neices and nephews and now my own son. My sisters and I grew up loving picking our birthday cakes from it.

    If anyone wishes for me to scan the pictures and instructions, I will do so happily, please email me.

    • katiec

      That’s a generous offer Gemma. I did the same for a few people but never heard back as to whether their cakes where a success.

    • leah

      Hi Gemma, I would love a copy. My daughter is about to turn 1 and am looking for some birthday cake ideas. Many Thanks. Leah

    • Nora

      I have the original book but I am missing the middle pages – 61 through 68. Would you mind scanning and emailing them to me? I would appreciate it so much. My son is now 27 but my grandchildren are 16 months and 21 months! Thank you very much.

    • Taryn

      Hi Gemma
      Would you be willing to send me the Candy Castle Cake recipe and corresponding icing recipe? I live in South Africa and am unable to purchase the newly republished book before my daughters 4th birthday later this month.
      I would greatly appreciate it!

  8. Hi Leah

    Not a problem, might be a bit time consuming doing the whole book, is there any theme in particular that you’d like. I recall there being a doll and the number one and also the very popular chocolate hedgehog!


  9. Sandra

    Hi Katie

    Is there any chance you could please forward me a copy of the castle cake. I made it for my daughter and I would love to make it for her again. She will be thirty soon and it would be a nice surprise.


  10. Alistair

    Hi Katie

    we are looking to recreate the cake my sister had at her 3rd birthday for her 30th in a few days.
    In the photos of her 3rd birthday party the cake looks like a yellow rubber ducky bath toy (it was tall judging by the photos, rather than flat).

    We think it is from the Australian Women’s Weekly Children’s Birthday Cake Book but we don’t have a copy of the book anymore. Do you have a copy, and if so would you be willing to scan me a copy of the recipe if you do please? It would be greatly appreciated!

    Many thanks

  11. Haley Howie


    My goodness, I am so excited right now – I feel so awful with all of your requests, but I have been hunting everywhere for the ‘Train’ my Mum lives in a different city and we have both been visiting old bookstores and libraries for the past four days (and obviously searching online). I would be just so so very greatful if you would put yourself out again for me!! Wow isn’t it inspiring how many happy memories one book can create!!

    Thanks you so much for reading my post, and a hundred thank yous if you can accommodate!


  12. K

    I looked at the new version and find the cakes very dull. I think it is designed for modern parents who just can,t really be bothered, but feel they should make a cake. I absolutely LOVED the old version, and wish they would reprint!

  13. Katie B

    Hi Katie

    I hope you can help!

    I have been given a photocopy of the recipe for the Candy Castle Cake, but I see the recipe calls for another recipe from the same Children’s Birthday Cake cookbook – and I don’t have that one! It calls for ‘1 quantity Fluffy Frosting (3 egg white quantity)’. I have searched the internet for this particular recipe but can’t find one with that name. Is it similar to 7-minute boiled frosting?

    Anyways, if you wouldn’t mind … and you get a minute with all these requests! … I would really be happy to get the original Fluffy Frosting recipe.

    Thanks so much in advance!

  14. Ann

    The book has been re-released and a Collectors Edition is available in newsagents now and Big W from 1st March 2011. It is identical to the original book published 31yrs ago. Cost is $14.95

  15. HELLO
    Is this the book with the ‘ROCKET’ cake in.? My little girl wants a rocket cake and I last made one in the 80’s in N.Z. for my nephew who is now 32.!! Makes me feel very old. SISTER IN LAW SEARCHING FOR COPY FOR ME. No luck as yet.
    Love Chrissie

  16. Gosh, didn’t realise it was this popular!
    I have one, my 3 kids spent weeks before their birthdays choosing their cake, and we have so many photos from their parties with different cakes, all from this book! great memories!
    I dug it out last week to loan to a friend, and looking through it was such a trip down memory lane: the castle, the soccer pitch (for tomboy daughter!), train, duck, tennis racquet….
    Delighted it’s been reprinted, it’s THE BEST!

  17. Amy

    I am looking for a recipe from this book… the dump truck that has lollies in the back… have I got the right book? I think my mum used to have this edition when I was a kid and now I want to make the dump truck cake for my sons birthday.
    Can any one help me please?
    The new editions of WW cake books just arent the same as these old favourites 🙂

    • katiec

      Hi Amy,
      I’m pretty sure it’s in the re-printed version which is available to buy now. Can anyone verify that?

  18. Angela Cook

    Would love if you could send me the stuff for the rocket cake. having a space themed party for our 5 year old next month. Thanks!

  19. Taryn

    Hi Katie, I am emailing you from South Africa and am desperate to make the Australians Womans Weekly candy castle cake for my daughters 4th birthday but unfortunately don’t think any of the overseas online bookstores will be able to send the republished book to me in time for her party on the 24th May. I appreciate your decision not to scan and email anymore recipes from the book but wonder if you would consider sending it to me…..all the way in Africa.
    Many thanks

  20. Vanessa

    Hi Katie i am so desperately trying to find my mum’s copy of this book yet so far no luck, i would love to be able to make the duck cake for my goddaughter’s 2nd birthday as she absolutely loves ducks and cannot get enough of them. i have tried many book shops and all sort but i cannot get a copy soon enough, i have one on order in hope it arrives in time for the party but was wondering if you can email me a copy of the reciped for the duck, it would be greatly appreciated.

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