Chocolate Chip Cookies by Hubby

Hubby made delicious chocolate chip cookies over the Easter long weekend. Each batch got better and better. I believe he used the Original Nestle Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookies recipe.┬áRefrigerating the dough for a while before baking helps the chewiness factor – which is most important to hubby (and me!). The cookies were similar to a recipe I’ve used many time (though not recently) which is supposedly Mrs Fields real chocolate chip recipe (yeah right). Nonetheless the cookies are good!

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  1. Hubby

    Yep, I did use the Nestle toll house recipe. The only variation was the baking time. The less time spent baking, the chewier they get. I cooked each batch from 7:30 to 8 minutes (our oven run a little hot, experiment). If you do it this way, you really do need to respect the cooling time. They’ll stick to things and break apart easily if you don’t. A sheet of baking paper is also a must. Love this recipe — yummy cookies in a hurry!

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