Little Cupcakes in Melbourne

I was lucky enough to spend three days in Melbourne for my 28th birthday. The weekend involved retail therapy, an art gallery and Little Cupcakes.We were there quite late in the day but there were still many cupcakes left. I chose a Jaffa orange flavoured cupcake and a red velvet. I’m happy to report the Jaffa one was YUM, moist and chocolatey with a distinct Jaffa hit. The red velvet didn’t impress – it was dryer and not very velvety at all. It had a cream cheese topping. Hubby liked his chocolate cupcakes; one┬áhad white chocolate frosting and the other was topped with cream cheese. Perhaps it was just a bad day for poor old red velvet? The cupcakes were small, just the way I like them.
It’s a cute store tucked away on Degraves Street, one of Melbourne’s many alleyways.

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