Here’s how to carry a single cupcake to school/work/wherever without the icing getting all smooshed.¬† The cup-a-cake holds the cupcake in place well. The protrusions do stick into the cupcake so it won’t look as pretty as it did before it left home, but the icing will be intact.

I spied these little beauties online about a year ago here and tried to order some, however the international postage calculator on the check-out page was inaccurate so I decided not to order the Cup-a-Cakes until it was fixed (out of principle!). They are now available from the same website I ordered my Cupcake Courier from. Postage was speedy and you can choose which colours you prefer. US price is $US9.95 for four, Australian is $AU24.95 for four.


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  1. That is an awesome invention. I want a cupcake now.

  2. I’d seen these online too, but was a bit sceptical so it’s great to see a ‘real’ person’s photos. I may have also seen them in a homewares shop in Brisbane, ah, can’t remember the name. Am adding them to my Christmas Wish List (you’re never too old!).

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