Food Processor

Dear Santa,

I’d love a food processor for Christmas please.

Love, Katie

Does anyone have recommendations for me on brand, type, size?


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  1. Hi Katie – This is also my Santa wish – after a bit of research, I am pleading for the Magimix 3200 at about $500AUD… sounds like a winner…


    • katiec

      Hi Robyn,

      I believe that is what Santa will be delivering on the 25th! Choice rated it as the best. Peters of Kensington have it for a good price if you are interested.

      Hope your Christmas is a good one!


  2. KitchenAid 700-Watt 12-Cup Food Processors

    fter searching for the perfect food processor i wanted to give this one a try since its specifications sounded quite convincing; and i did get convinced and impressed with this machine. I would call it the wonder machine. One important thing i wanted in my food processor; ‘quiet motor’, and it is. With such a powerful and heavy motor its quite surprizing how quiet this machine works. The first time i used it i thought it was’nt working coz it was’nt making any grating sound, but then to my surprize, it did a great job. I use it everyday, be it just mixing my pie dough, cookie dough or preparing salad and dinner. I can’t think of living without it. And oh one thing i would recommend is getting a prime membership, its well worth the price, coz if you’re an internet shopper like me and don’t wanna wait forever for your package get prime, i recieved this the very next day i ordered it. Amazing Amazon!!!!You are the best!!!!

  3. oh wow, what a great idea!! I’ll have to do this one next year as I’ve already given out my christmas gifts. If only I had read this earlier!!

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