Aussie Meat Pies

Happy Australia Day!

Aussie Meat Pies


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  1. I miss decent meat pies!!! British versions just can’t stand up to the Aussie ones. Happy (belated!) Australia Day.

  2. Rynell Chavez

    Hello there! My sweetheart went to Australia as a teenager with the Lions Club of Waldport, Oregon, USA in 1980 or 1981. He spent two months with you wonderful people and has never forgotten it! One thing I have been looking for is a really great recipe for the Aussie Meat Pie and I finally found it here so first of all- YAY!! And thank you so much for helping me make his Father’s Day amazing- have a great weekend 🙂

    Very Sincerely,

    Rynell “Nelli” Chavez

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