Date and Nut Balls

There haven’t been too many sweet treats coming from Katie’s Kitchen so far in 2010. A couple of batches of snickerdoodles and peanut butter choc chip cookies, as requested, but not much else in the treat department. There have been lots of home cooked meals in an effort to eat out less but my creative energy has been going into my sewing and crochet projects. But more on that another time.

This week I did make something sweet, although it wasn’t baked and there was no chocolate to be seen. These date and nut balls were inspired by a raw power ball I had a few weeks ago at The Healthy Chef in Avalon and in part by a cinnamon Larabar I had earlier this week. The raw power ball from The Healthy Chef was almost the size of a golf ball and tasted quite rich – I couldn’t eat it all at once (although maybe that was because I’d just had a veggie burger from the same place). I figured the ball was made of dates, with coconut and some type of seeds. There was an orange flavour to it also.

I googled and found a few recipes, consulted my vegan/raw food expert friend Melissa and then got out the Magimix. Hubby and I both liked the result and there is no added sugar in them. I made the recipe up as I went and didn’t measure anything. I’d better measure next time and write it down so I don’t mess them up!

Date and Nut Balls
Recipe by me with some help

Ingredients (all estimates)

About 12 Medjool dates, chopped in half and pits removed
About 1 cup mixed nuts (cashews and almonds)
Zest of an orange
Few tablespoons mixed seeds
About 1/4 cup desiccated coconut, with extra to roll balls in
Few tablespoons orange juice


Process nuts until finely and evenly chopped. Remove from processor.
Process dates until they are nice and mushy. Add processed nuts, seeds, some of the coconut, zest and a little juice.
Process until the mixture is well mixed and forms a big blob. Add a little more juice if mixture is too dry.
Roll mixture into balls and then roll balls into coconut.


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