Chalk It Up

Message from hubby. Chalkboard from Fiona Kate.

I’d like to paint the¬†outside of my¬†fridge with chalkboard paint. Wonder if that would work. At the moment this chalkboard lives on the side of my fridge. I use it for shopping lists, menu planning, and random notes to my hubby.


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  1. Do it! I am still getting up the guts to paint a chalkboard wall but it will happen! We have spraypainted our garage fridge bright green and even that looks good! Oh and I am loving those granny square- gorgeous! (did I already say that?)

    • katiec

      I’d better start working out how to present it as a great idea to my hubby!
      Glad you like the grannies, I haven’t touched the baby blanket since the July Brown Owls meeting. Too many projects, too little time.

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