Dear Mr/Mrs M&Ms Australia,

You would really make my life a better place if I could purchase M&Ms in a single colour like you can in the US.

I really do love orange M&Ms just fyi.

Yours sincerely,



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  1. ha ha, so true. It’s soooo frustrating when decorating a cake with a certain colour scheme and you’re stuck there, picking out a colour or two from a giant bowl of M&Ms. Grrrr.
    PS. And Peanut Butter M&Ms please 🙂

    • katiec

      It’s hardly cost effective Emma, cos I end up eating the colours I don’t need! The pink and white Mcgrath Foundation M&Ms have been discontinued and I didn’t see the Christmas-coloured ones around last year.
      Best stock up on the orange and white ones before they go to. Orange-themed birthday party anyone?

  2. katiec

    Oh, and I tasted coconut M&Ms from the US recently (thanks Eve!). They were delicious.
    Reese’s Pieces are brown, orange and yellow and available at Sugar Fix for a pretty penny.

  3. What colors would you want? Maybe I could mail them to you, or would that be to expensive?

    • katiec

      Hi Laura,

      I’m not sure what postage would be like, probably an arm and a leg! My friend recently brought me back some pink ones from her trip (thanks Eve!). I just we had colour variety here. Life ain’t too bad if that’s my biggest gripe though is it!
      Thanks for asking,

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