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39 granny squares completed so far. Pip can show you how to make your own.

I learnt to crochet a year and a half ago. My mother and her mother could both knit, but I don’t think either could crochet. My mum knitted me a wardrobe full of clothes for my Cabbage Patch Kid Trudy when I was about six. A couple of Trudy’s clothes were crocheted. My memory tells me one of my grandmother’s friends crocheted those. When I was little I had visions of my mum sending the patterns to Grandma in England, who then passed them on to her friend. My imagination assumed a package arrived from England with the crocheted pieces inside. I’ll never know exactly who made them or how it happened, I only have my 23 years old memories to go by.

When I was a teenager my nanna’s friend Judy offered to teach me to crochet, but I declined. I always regretted it a little as it’s a craft I had at least a small interest in learning. I also understood the beauty and the importance of passing handcrafts down through generations and always wondered if Judy did too, and if that was why she offered to teach me.

Early last year when I found I had spare time and a want to learn to crochet I looked first to my family for someone to teach me.  My nanna and her sister both knitted when they were younger but neither could crochet. So I  looked elsewhere and found a four-hour class for $40. Armed with my new 4mm crochet hook and a ball of 8 ply yarn I attempted to learn the basics. I walked out of the class with half a granny square and a muddled understanding of crochet stitches. Over the next couple of months I learned to crochet thanks to Crocheting for Dummies and You Tube.

Since then I’ve made almost a dozen different amigurumi (stuffed toys), a cushion cover,  a camera case and a banana cosy. I’ve made many granny squares,  started a project with crocheted hexagons, started two ripple pattern blankets and have almost finished a large granny square lap blanket for our couch.

I crochet while watching TV, in the car and on the train. I crochet at my nanna’s house and with other Brown Owls. I have a drawer full of cotton, wool and acrylic yarn that is threatening to overflow. I have about five crochet projects on the go at the moment. I have many more project ideas in my head that I’d love to have the time to start. And finish.

I’m a 20-something married, non-drinking redheaded girl who loves to crochet and bake. And sometimes run and sew. And take pictures. And that’s ok with me.


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  1. Katie, these are so beautiful – I’m sure Judy would be proud! And there is nothing wrong with being a “a 20-something married, non-drinking redheaded girl who loves to crochet and bake. And sometimes run and sew. And take pictures”. I think that is wonderful- the world needs more people who are happy to be themselves & who love of the “domestic arts”! xx

  2. katiec

    Thanks Jess! x

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