Work in Progress

We took a short trip to Canberra this past long weekend, so of course I took some crochet to pass the travel time. I managed to do perhaps two rounds of the blanket I’m making for our living room. It’s one big granny square and is about 115 cm across so far. It’s getting heavy and awkward to work on, but it sure keeps you cosy as you crochet. The yarn is Panda Magnum Soft 8-ply acrylic.


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  1. oaxacaborn

    Wow, really love the colours! Perfect for autumn.

  2. Much like! Just popped over here following your comment on Brown Owls at Oatley …

  3. Mary Lou

    Hey, this looks gorgeous! I can’t wait to see the finished blanket with all the small granny squares, too! I’m still working on a knit sweater, but I’m going to launch into a crochet baby blanket for one of my husband’s nieces soon.

    Speaking of husbands, mine’s cholesterol is through the roof. I’m trying to adjust my baking (he loves sweets, and I like to provide them!). Any suggestions?

    • katiec

      Mi Mary Lou!

      I’d love to see your projects too.

      I’d try perhaps vegan recipes for cholesterol-friendly treats. Lots of vegan recipes use vegie oil and soymilk. That might be helpful?


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