Decisions, decisions

I sometimes wonder who is reading my blog. I know sometimes friends and family stop by but I’m not sure they read regularly. Anyway, hello to every body who reads this little blog of mine! Say hi sometime.

Today I’m trying to decide what to bake:

a) pumpkin cookies with brown-butter frosting
b) oatmeal and raisin cookies
c) carrot cake cookies with cream cheese filling



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6 Responses to Decisions, decisions

  1. mrs H

    i read it all the time! 🙂
    you are always doing new things, its interseting to read.

  2. mrs H

    interesting! (see i can spell, its just late & im tired.. was up at 4.30am feeding AJ)

  3. Bel Shepherd

    I read your blog all the time too 🙂 Hi from a Canberran.

  4. Bel Shepherd

    Btw, I made the Martha Stewart Cookie recipe this morning. Loved them! As you said, they are a cross between a cake and a cookie 🙂 yum!

    • katiec

      We were probably making them at the same time Bel! Did you have any trouble with them spreading too much?

      • Bel Shepherd

        They were not quite as round as the ones in your picture but still high-ish and didn’t spread a whole lot. I bathed my kids while the mix was in the freezer so I think it wwas closer to 30 minutes before I got it back out.

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