Lamington Cake Pops

These are an Australia Day treat – a few days late. Lamingtons are usually sponge cake squares dipped in chocolate icing and coconut. Named after Lord Lamington, according to Wikipedia. I make a sponge cake, crumbled it and mixed it with frosting. I rolled the mixture into balls, chilled them then popped them on to the end of lollipop sticks. I then dipped them in melted milk chocolate and coconut. I’ll have to work on getting an exact recipe for the cake/frosting mixture soon because cake pops are just too cute! Click here to watch the original cake pop maker Bakerlla explain the process.


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3 Responses to Lamington Cake Pops

  1. Drooool! These look so lovely and delicious – just gorgeous!

  2. my kids would love them, well done!

  3. Yum! Should try this! I recently tried your chocolate cupcake with cream cheese frosting recipe and it was delicious!

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