Look What I Made: Lunch Bag

It’s been far too hot this week to bake — a week of 30-plus degrees Celsius. The most I managed was a tray or two of kitchen sink cookies with dough from the freezer.

I have been sewing this weekend, even though my sewing machine is in the hottest room in the house. I made this cotton lunch bag for my friend Michelle’s birthday and two zip-up pouches for no one in particular. I do sometimes stress over what to make for people. Some are easier to make for than others. I’m sure other crafters go through it: What should I make? Will she/he like it? Think it’s naff? Use it? Appreciate it? Think “Not another homemade Katie gift!”?  I do take pride in my craft and won’t give away something I’m not happy with. My sewing is improving, I’m happy to say. I’m working on an (unpictured) quilt at the moment, which is testing my skills. But I love the fabric so much I’m determined to do an OK job. I’m planning on giving it as a gift; so again, will she like it? Appreciate it? Use it?


I do try hard to match the present to the person. I bought the spotted fabric specifically for this project. The yellow is from my stash. The original pattern called for vinyl-coated cotton but my version is all cotton.

It wasn’t until I finished the bag that I realised it is reversible.

The one on the left was made with a gathered clutch tutorial found on Noodlehead. On the right is my variation.

A peek inside.

Pattern for lunch bag by Ellen Luckett Baker.


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  1. I love it – so bright and cheery!

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