Homemade Oreos

This weekend saw sewing, crocheting and baking. I worked on my first quilt, added to the rainbow blanket and made a batch of homemade Oreos.

A few notes on the Oreos:

* I use Van Houten brand cocoa.
* I roll the dough into balls weighing about 2o grams each. That’s about the size of a large marble – what we called a boulder marble as kids.
* I bake the cookies for about 8 minutes so they are still fairly cakey.
* The cookies will puff up a little as they bake and flatten as the cool.
* The filling calls for shortening – I use melted Copha.
* The recipe makes about 14 filled cookies per batch.

Speaking of Oreos, check out these Oreo stuffed cookies and these brownie-covered Oreos!

What did you do this weekend?

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