Nanna’s Curried Chicken


My Nanna doesn’t like to cook. I don’t think she ever did. But she does have a few staple recipes up her sleeve that she still makes. Two of them are based on Campbell’s Condensed Soup. I made her curried chicken recipe tonight, just the way my Nanna makes it. I have no idea where she got the recipe or how long she’s been making it. I wonder how much it has evolved from the original — I’ll have to see if she remembers. Nanna says the curried chicken is tastier with cream of chicken and mushroom soup than with cream of mushroom but the former is harder to find. I always pick up a few cans of it for her when they are in stock because I know she’ll use them up quickly. As simple as this dish is, the taste is comforting and reminds me of her and the many meals she made for us growing up. Perhaps it’s our family’s version of chicken soup.  Thanks Nanna for all the curried chicken, tuna casserole and raisin cake you make us.

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