No Bun In This Oven. (No cake, cookie or pudding either)

On Wednesday morning I was making green velvet cupcakes for St Patrick’s Day when the poor little oven lost its thermostat. Literally, it fell off. The thermostat had been in a bad way since we moved in, hanging precariously from the inside if the oven. On Wednesday it just couldn’t take it anymore, the thermostat boke away and fell to the bottom of the oven. Friday came with an electrician and a new thermostat. Hurrah! Until Friday night when the poor little oven wouldn’t turn off . The temperature dial now likes to spin and spin with no rhyme or reason. Another call to the electrician and we may be without the poor little oven for a week.

Of course, today the idea to bake something has popped into my head about 64 times. Followed by a d’oh!

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