Rockpool Bar and Grill

Our fourth wedding anniversary was last Thursday so we went to Sydney’s Rockpool Bar and Grill for dinner. The interior was lovely, the service great, the meat delicious, the Wagyu fat baked potatoes awesome, the mac and cheese decadent but the jaffa mousse was out of this world. Best dessert I’ve ever had in a restaurant. Now, what do I have to do to get the recipe?

Illustration by Sybella Thompson (click to enlarge)

The “suggested” present for the fourth anniversary is appliances. We have just about every appliance under the sun already. I stretched the theme a little and got hubby a small barbecue. For some reason, us owning a barbecue made me feel even more like a “family”. When we have our own place no doubt we’ll upgrade to one of those hi-tech looking jumbo-size grills. As for my present, it will be delivered closer to my birthday in May (for the first time my age will start with a three). A hint, it’ll be red, shiny and appliancey!


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  1. My dessert, the black forest trifle, wasn’t bad either!

    — Hubby

  2. I walked past this restaurant on Saturday when me and my girlfriend were hanging out at The Rocks – we went to eat at La Renaissance. I haven’t been here yet but I’m dying to try it out!

  3. Hmmmmmmmm I wonder what is red, shiny and appliancey? (that oven better get fixed soon!)

    Happy Anniversary!

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