Muddy Chocolate Orange Cake

In less than ten days I’ll be a real grown up 30 years old. And every birthday needs a cake, well at least one. I might try for multiple cakes this years since it’s the big three-oh, and heck, why not? I got it into my head that I might want a jaffa-flavoured mudcake for one of my celebrations. It seems a little odd to bake your own birthday cake(s) so I won’t be doing that. But I can bake non-birthday jaffa-flavoured cakes right? And that I did.

I took Donna Hay’s muddy chocolate cake recipe and added the juice and rind of one orange. I might add a little more of each next time, for some extra jaffa flavour. The cake was a hit and I may or may not have had four pieces over the past three days.

More jaffa goodness here.
And here.
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3 Responses to Muddy Chocolate Orange Cake

  1. HOLY DOOLEY, this cake sounds amazing *drool* I haven’t had breakfast yet, and now I am craving CAKE.
    Pepper x

  2. Tom

    Did you add the juice before you cooked cake or after? When did you add it? Did it mess with the original recipe?

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