Work in Progress

My baby ripple blanket it coming along slowly. I pick it up occasionally, like when I need a small, portable project to take on the train with me. I’m in no hurry with this project!

The large granny square for our couch hasn’t been touched in a while. I should probably fasten off where it is and add to it in the future, rather than having it draped over out couch with a ball of yarn attached to the end of it.

And of course as soon as I finished my big project, I started on another. Again, I have more projects on the go than I should but I can’t see it ever being any other way!

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  1. I realy love your crochet-work! And just like you, I’m afraid I have more projects on the go than I should.. At this point, I first have to finish the ones on the go befor I can start with a new one. Unfortunately I just got inspired by your baby-ripple-blanket haha! Now I want to make one too.. ah well, why not? 😉

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