Work in Progress

More rainbowy goodness here on Pinterest.

Each new project is my new favourite so this rainbow ripple tops the list right now. I’m not sure where this love of rainbows comes from, especially as it hit at age 29. I’m also not sure yet where this rainbow ripple’s home will be, but I do have an idea in mind.

This past week has brought me food for thought about friendship, giving and gifts. If I only I had the time and finances to make gifts for the long list of people close to me. But I am thankful that list is long. I’ll work my way through it, one-by-one. Last night hubby and I gave our good friends their wedding present, three weeks before their big day. I made the gift myself with them in mind, and of course I hope when they open it they will love it. I already know they will appreciate it, I know they will “get it”. They will understand the gift is made with love and good wishes, and they will appreciate the time and effort I spent. Hubby and I are both looking forward to their wedding day and are grateful to be included in their celebration.


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  1. fabiola

    very pretty,i made a rainbow ripple scarf and it,too is pretty.I love all the things you make!!!awesome

  2. You are so super sweet Katie! I bet they will love it.

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