Look What I Made: Rainbow Ripple Blanket

Pattern by Lucy of Attic 24

Yarn by Stylecraft


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  1. Gorgeous! I love ripples and the rainbow makes it even better!

  2. that’s very pretty. I love all the colors – it would go quite nice in any room or living space. Perfect for an over sized throw also.

  3. Oh wow! I am absolutely in love! 🙂 This is amazing… I actually picked up a very similar blanket at an op shop last week. I would love to learn to crotchet… this is just divine!

    • katiec

      Hi Rebekah,
      Lucky find! Crocheting is definitely fun and not too hard to learn. I learnt only a few years ago. I had one lesson, and then used YouTube and books to help me figure it all out.
      Good luck!

  4. debra

    I love your colors. What size did you make it? I am thinking of making something larger than the regular baby blankets I make. Did you use wool? I have a new collection of acrylic yarns about 40 colors I can use but I am thinking maybe I should try wool to really make it an heirloom.

    • katiec

      Hi Debra,
      I think it’s about 105cm x 95cm.
      It’s acrylic, but still nice and soft. i just love the acrylic colours available. Would love to see your finished blanket.

  5. rachel

    This is so beautiful!! Just amazing. I have a question, I’ve tried this pattern about a dozen times but after the fourth row I always lose the ripple so can’t go any further. Do you have any tips? Thanks!

    • katiec

      Hi Rachel,
      How fustrating to get to the fourth row and have issues!
      I’m not sure why it is happening, you can email me a pic if you like, I might be able to spot it.

      Some tips – Make sure you start each row and finish each row with an increase.
      The first curve of the ripple should always be a decrease. Same for the last curve in each row.

      Your foundation row should be a multiple of 14, plus three for turning.This extra three forms part of your first increase as below.

      To start a row – Chain 3
      One DC/treble in next stitch (This forms your increase)
      One DC/treble in next four stitches
      Decrease in next two stitches
      One DC/treble in next four stitches
      Increase in next two stitches
      One DC/treble in next four stitches
      Decrease in next two stitches
      One DC/treble in next four stitches
      To finish row 2 DC/treble in final stitch

      Turn and begin again as above.

  6. Rossana Ramirez

    Hi Katiec
    I Love It!!!! It’s awesome. Please send mi videos as soon as possible so I can learn how to do that rainbow ripple blanket.
    I’ll be waitng.

    Thank you,

  7. Shelly

    Gorgeous! I’m about to start a double bed sized rainbow granny stripe using the same yarn. Took me ages to plan out the colours. May I ask what colours you used? Specifically what greens? 🙂

  8. Nancy

    Can you post the entire directions

  9. Upasana

    Hi, loved your blanket and planning to make one. I am from India and the yarn size is very different here. Could you please tell me which hook size did you use for this one. I am planning to make a baby blanket.


  10. Ellie

    The link to the yarn doesn’t work. Would it be possible to list the color used?
    Thank you!

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