Mini Hawaiian Carrot Cake and Work in Progress

What’s been going on in Katie’s Kitchen? Lots of healthy eating. And of course a little baking. This weekend was two Hawaiian carrot cakes for my buddy Michelle’s birthday. The restaurant we went to wouldn’t allow BYO cakes so I made a small take-home cake for Michelle and one for our friend Jess. The cake tins I used are 15cm and I got two three-layer cakes from the original recipe. Sometimes a cake is just more special than cupcakes. Happy birthday Michelle!

Last weekend was banana bread. The freezer is stocked with slices for breakfasts or snacks.

Next weekend will feature cupcakes, as will the weekend after. I hope to fit in some crochet time and get my current ripple blanket finished soon. My new (vintage) fabrics are waiting to be cut and sewn. Such fun!


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3 Responses to Mini Hawaiian Carrot Cake and Work in Progress

  1. Philby

    Can I have 2 for my birthday

  2. Michelle B

    This cake was absolutely delicious!! Three layers of icing, pineapple, coconut…What else could a girl ask for – thanks Katie xx

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