Caramel Apple Cake

Happy birthday, Nanna! We celebrated yesterday with a family dinner and cake. Today while on the phone, she talked excitedly about the presents we gave her, how much she loved her new tote bag and how she had already used her new place mats. She also told me a story I hadn’t heard before, about when my uncle was born almost 55 years ago. She couldn’t help but giggle through this tale about having to time her own contractions, almost delivering in the lift and becoming famous during her hospital stay as the woman who “survived” giving birth to a 10 pound, 10 ounce baby.

And of course, she told me how much she loved the cake I made.

This caramel apple cake recipe is a keeper. Yet another from Baked Explorations. Perfect for the cooler months of the year, a sweetly spiced three-layer cake covered in not-too-sweet caramel buttercream. The cake itself is somewhat similar to banana bread in texture and flavour. Only better.

I took two “shortcuts” when making this recipe, not something I do too often. The recipe calls for apple sauce, bought or homemade. I couldn’t see any on the supermarket shelf. (Is it available here in Australia? Update – Yes, you can. I found a couple of brands at my local Coles, but none at another Coles store). Instead, I used apple puree. It’s usually found in a set of three or four small tubs and I had to use eight to make up the four cups required. For the other shortcut, instead of making caramel sauce, I used Nestle Top N Fill. I doubled the amount of caramel the recipe called for in the buttercream for a little extra sweetness.

It’s an impressive looking cake with its three layers but still relatively simple to put together (especially if you don’t make your own apple sauce and caramel). It cuts easily and keeps well at room temperature in cool weather.

Caramel Apple Cake from Baked Explorations.

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  1. Hubby

    This one was delicious and somehow just tasted like a Nanna-ey thing to make. 🙂

    — Hubby

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