Unfortunately there has been no baking in Katie’s Kitchen this week. We’ve been moving, so have a new home and a new kitchen. And many, many boxes. As soon as we have unpacked at least a little I’m going to test out the oven. First I’ll have to figure out how the oven works… I owe hubby a birthday cake!
Until then, I’ll leave you with something that always makes me happy – special edition M&Ms! These were released for the recent State of Origin (rugby league competition). Light and dark blue for New South Wales and maroon and white for Queensland. They are on sale now at Coles if you are in need of some speciality M&Ms. No? Is it only me that thinks they so great? Only me that stocks up on limited edition M&Ms even though I have no specific use for them?

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  1. Jenny

    Eagerly awaiting to view and sample goodies from the new kitchen. Hope you get settled soon.

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