Work in Progress – Scrappy Crochet Blanket

I’ve picked up the blanket I started back in April (where has the time gone?!), adding random scraps of yarn from my collection as I go. No rhyme or reason as to which colour to use next, and many of the scraps aren’t long enough to complete an entire round. It’s a hodgepodge of colour and I kind of like that. I think I will call it The Hodge Podge from now on.



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8 Responses to Work in Progress – Scrappy Crochet Blanket

  1. You have very pretty scraps indeed!! It’s going to be a beauty.

  2. How do you crochet a blanket please text me on my email please

  3. Carol

    I really like this scrap blanket. So many times you see patterns for “scrap” blankets but no way are they “scrap” because there is so much of the same colors and the patterns are so uniform. This is the real thing and I’m sure it will be a knockout when it is done. Bravo.

  4. colette worthington

    love the blanket. Can I have the pattern please

  5. Noeline fairchild

    Could you send me the pattern stitches for scrappy rug please.
    I have forgotten and have lots of leftover wool to use up
    This would be ideal.
    Thank you so much

  6. hi
    this is amazing
    I really like this scrap blanket
    Thank you so much

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