Look What I Made: Eight-Colour Granny Square Throw

crochet granny squares afghan

Another project finished, and only a little (ok, two months) later than I planned. This eight-colour throw is for my grandmother who, I’m pleased to say, seems quite enamoured with it. I love this yarn and the colours were all in my stash. Next on the agenda is to finish The Hodge Podge. Then a present for a baby due in January, a blanket for an October 2013 wedding and oh, maybe even a little something for myself.
granny square crochet blanket afghan


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6 Responses to Look What I Made: Eight-Colour Granny Square Throw

  1. I smiled at your list of projects to do.. it’s exactly how I am. When will I get to make something for myself!!!

  2. Ellen Taylor

    Wow would love to be able to achieve something like the pleases advise.


    Is there a pattern for this blanket.

  4. Ann

    May I ask what yarn this is as the link no longer goes to the tarn just a yarn page. It’s a gorgeous blanket”

  5. Ann

    Thanks in advance!

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