Work in Progress – Triangle Quilt

I’ve wanted to make a quilt of triangles since I stumbled upon the beautiful blanket Mette from Ungt Blod made. This was before I’d ever made a quilt, and to date I’ve still only made two. I’m not really into the old-school quilt patterns and blocks. Give me a bright, mismatched, scrappy quilt of triangles or squares any day.

Of course I would decide I just had to make a triangle quilt on my first attempt at quilting. While sewing together squares didn’t prove to be too challenging, triangles on the other hand were just too tedious.  I cut some triangles and started sewing but getting all those pesky points to line up just wasn’t happening. So I gave up. And made a square quilt instead. And then for my second quilt I didn’t dare try to cut triangles out of the a-little-too-stretchy vintage sheets. Just nice, big squares.

But today, almost two years since I made that square-but-wished-it-was triangle quilt, I hatched a plan to conquer those darn triangles once and for all. I searched for hints, tips and tutorials. I bought a 60 degree triangle quilt ruler. I raided my scrap bin. But the most important thing I did was to buy some spray starch. I spray my scraps, pressed them, then cut them. The triangles didn’t stretch or warp when I sewed them into rows. The points of the triangles matched up with I sewed the rows together. Hurrah! My little sample of 5 inch triangles is a success. Perfect? No. But pretty darn good so mission accomplished.


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  1. Looks awesome…I love the colours!

  2. amy

    Gorgeous! I love triangles as opposed to sqaures all the time.

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