Look What I Made: Amigurumi Yoda

The funny thing about memories is sometimes you just don’t know if they are accurate. I think I saw one of the Star Wars movies (episodes?) when I was young. At school. While watching I was given a jelly bean for good behaviour. (It was the 8o’s). For some reason, at age six or seven I wasn’t sure if jelly beans were for chewing or sucking. So I popped in my mouth and left it there until it had pretty much dissolved. Now, I’m sure the jelly bean memory is true. It was a white one. But were we watching Star Wars on VHS at school? I’m not sure, but that’s what my memory tells me.

Certainly since that day I didn’t have much to do with Star Wars. All that science-fictiony, fantasy-type stuff has never interested me much. Until I married a Star Wars fan. And around the same time, my young cousin developed an early appreciation for the series. When he was little I’d tell him Star Wars was “yuuuuucky!” and he’d giggle his head off. I’m not sure why he thought it was so hilarious. As he got older he’d antagonise me with Star Wars talk to see if I’d react. When I did answer with the obligitory “yucky” of course he would laugh. We still occasionally play the game. He knows when I say “yucky” in that particular tone I’m talking about Star Wars; just as I know what he is referring to when he exclaims “Uh-oh, Katie isn’t going to like this!”

I made this Yoda up as I went so there is no pattern to share. The robe is a separate piece to the body, which I sewed closed at the neck. The arms are attached to the robe only. The main body piece is a dome shape. There is flat circle on the bottom to which I sewed main part of the body. If you would like to make your own Yoda try this cute pattern by Geek Central Station.

So little cousin, here is my little birthday gift to you. An amigurumi Yoda. Yucky Yoda!


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6 Responses to Look What I Made: Amigurumi Yoda

  1. Aww…you went with the stick…looks adorable…I am very jealous of your cousin!!

    • katieskitchenblog

      Hey Thouraya, have you tried any amigurumi? I can help you get started if not!

      As I was walking to the car this evening, present one hand and a spare roll of wrapping paper in the other I realised the roll was bright green like a big light saber!

  2. Also wanted to say that the cane is a nice touch, very cool piece.

  3. MaryAnne

    Where can I get or find the pattern for the Yoda ami? I would like to make one for my son. Thank you

    • katieskitchenblog

      Hi MaryAnne,
      There is no pattern for this one – I created it as I went, drawing on my knowledge and experience in making amigurumi. I suggest Etsy, as I know some people have created patterns to share.
      Good luck,

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