Look What I Made: Rainbow Granny Square Blanket

crochet rainbow granny square blanket

Happy birthday to my little cousin Amy, she recently turned 21. She’s smart, confident and ambitious. She’s loyal, affectionate and popular. And she loves a gluten-free cupcake with cream cheese frosting.

crochet granny square

granny square crochet blanket

Some blankety facts:
* The rainbow contains 11 colours.
* The yarn is Panda Magnum Soft and Stylecraft Special DK.
* I started it in August and finished in early December. (During this time I also worked on a baby blanket, the Hodge Podge, Mr Ladybug and Yoda)
* To keep the blanket square and stop it from becoming crooked I turned the whole blanket over after each row, before starting the next one. By alternating the side you start each row on you avoid the distortion that can happen with large granny squares.

Crochet Rainbow Granny Square Blanket

ETA: Here is the colour pattern I made up –

I hope this helps those who have asked!
Four rounds of colour A
One round of colour B
One round of colour A
Four rounds of colour B
One round of colour C
One round of colour B
Four rounds of colour C
One round of colour D
One round of colour C
Four rounds of colour D….


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25 Responses to Look What I Made: Rainbow Granny Square Blanket

  1. This looks so gorgeous. Great tip about turning the blanket each round to stop the distortion… thanks!

  2. Lovely – it looks great. I love the effect with the red border!

  3. Ros

    You did an outstanding job on the rainbow granny square blanket. Amy absolutely loves it. You are a special person in our lives.
    Love Ros

  4. This is an extraordinary blanket. The colours fit perfectly together….

  5. I just saw this (or at least something very similar) on purl bee’s site —- so tempting….although i should probably start with something teenier as a first project…

    • katieskitchenblog

      That’s the beauty of it – you can make it as big or small as you like. I’ll have to check out the one on Purl Bee!

  6. Judy Boles

    Love this b
    granny square blanket!!

  7. Bridie

    Really like the look of the blanket! Are you able to tell me the number of rows you did of each colour? It look like you have done several rows of a colour interspaced with just one row here and there? Many thanks 🙂

  8. Jo Ann

    I love this blanket! ◇can you send me directions. ..a pattern?

  9. wendy

    What size hook?

  10. maypole

    I love the way the colours are set out, would you mind telling us the exact colours please?

  11. Ziegs4

    Yes please list colors. I am terrible at trying to match what a pic shows.Thank you!

  12. jamie

    i would really love a pattern as well ? please

  13. Could you send me the directions-pattern for this blanket.I simply love,it!
    Thank you

  14. Hannah Roberts

    This is amazing! Please can you email me the pattern? How much of each colour did you have to buy? XxX

    • katieskitchenblog

      Hi Hannah,
      The yarn was all form my stash, but I believe it wasn’t more than one 100g skein for each colour. The pattern is a regular granny square and the colour pattern is above. Happy hooking!

  15. Anna

    Hi it’s really nice. A lot of effort has been put in. Oh please can you send me the instructions as I would like to make one for my sisters new arrival. Thank you ever so much.


  16. maypole

    Thank you for the list of colours x

  17. Cass B

    Hi! I’d love a pattern for this please.

  18. Judy

    Katie, what are the finished measurements? I made a granny blanket every rnd a different color from scraps. I ended up with close to 4′ blanket so I’m using it to keep warm during winter. Do you know how I can put sleeves on each side? By the way, your blanket is absolutely gorgeous.

    • katieskitchenblog

      Hi Judy,
      I don’t think I measured the blanket before I gave it away, however for reference it is laying on an Australian king single size bed.
      Not sure on sleeves but I’m sure you could make them from granny squares too!

  19. Linda Lantz

    I guess I missed the color list. All I see is a partial list. I am in awe of all your projects.

    • katieskitchenblog

      Hi Linda,

      Thanks for the kind comment!

      Above is the general idea of the parttern – you can use as many colours as you wish.
      The yarns I used are from Panda Magnum Soft 8ply and Stylecraft DK. I don’t have the colour names handy but I can try to find a specific colour I used if you need it.


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