Work in Progress – Granny Square Blanket

Us crafters are a funny bunch. I’m yet to meet a crafty person who doesn’t have a half-finished project or six collecting dust. Why do we lose interest in projects we began so enthusiastically? Buying fabric and yarn is so fun! Starting a new project is exciting! The planning of a new design makes us happy! I guess sometimes the buying and planning is more fun than working through the middle stages of a project. Which is probably why this blanket has been sitting in a box, unfinished, for er, about two years. It’s almost done now though, just a few loose ends to tidy up and maybe a few more rows around the edge. When it’s finished it will be the eleventh blanket I’ve made. (With probably three half-finished blankets collecting aforementioned dust).

Wool granny square crochet blanket

Diary of a Crochet Blanket – A story of excitement and neglect.
August 2010 – Enthusiastically bought skeins of wool and started making granny squares. Chose Shepherd Colour 4 Me wool because of the large colour range. Blanket originally inspired by Carina.
November 2010 – Finished the 70th granny square and started joining the squares.
December 2010 – Finished joining the squares then decided the method I’d used was totally unacceptable and had to be re-done. The squares didn’t line up well enough for my liking. Took all 70 squares apart.
January 2011 – Started joining the squares again, using the join-as-you-go method.
Sometime in 2011 – Got sick of the joining with about two dozen squares left.
2012 – Left the blanket in a box, untouched.
June 2013 – Figured I should probably finish a few old projects before starting too many more. Joined the remaining squares over two nights in front of the TV. (Paper Giants – Magazine Wars, The September Issue and House Rules)
June 2013 – The blanket will be finished!



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  1. Great work…I am trying to finish off a few my WIP’s too…fingers crossed!

  2. …a few OF my….

    Baby brain…I blame baby brain!

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