Look What I Made: Needle Book

Last month while visiting my grandmother I noticed a button on my coat was loose. I asked my nanna for a needle and thread so I could re-attach it. Out comes the sorriest excuse for a sewing kit I’ve seen! A small basket, with a couple of spools of thread, one pair of fabric scissors and a few needles hanging on for dear life in the cardboard packet they were sold in. The packet was so worn there wasn’t much holding the needles from escaping, never to be seen again. So I made Nanna a small needle book as part of her 80th  birthday present. Something tells me she liked it; when she opened the present she giggled like a schoolgirl at me giving her “encouragement to keep sewing”. It does seem like our grandmother/granddaughter roles are slightly reversed doesn’t it?

needle_book copy

The needle book reminds me of a story I’ve heard Nanna tell a couple of times. (Ok, so I like hearing it and ask her to repeat it at random times.) One Christmas morning when she was a young girl Nanna got up early, while her sister Beth was still sleeping, to check if Santa had been. He had, and left a sewing box each for her and her sister. Nanna saw the boxes, quickly decided she liked Beth’s better than the one left for her so swapped the tags on the gifts. I’m sure Beth received the sewing box meant for Nanna later that morning and was none the wiser. My cousin recently asked me “When did Nanna get so cheeky?!”. Well cousin, I do think she might have always been that way!

Happy birthday, Nanna.

The fabric is some leftover Summer Song by Riley Blake (still one of my favourite collections) and is partly inspired by the lovely needle books Amy from Nana Company makes.
Small projects can be so satisfying, I must remember that in future because I tend to embark on large, time-consuming projects more often than not.


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  1. it’s very sweet and combo of your fabrics is lovely.
    thank you for your comment info about feedly.
    i’m using bloglovin’ but a bit confused about whether I need to be on both.
    as in regards to what you said about commenting on my blog. I hope i have fixed it, but otherwise do you know how I can?

    • katieskitchenblog

      Hi Jess,
      I have a bloglovin account too, have for a quite a while, but haven’t really used it. I have updated it though, so I can use it if feedly doesn’t work out.
      I’d perhaps recommend you do the same, in case you don’t love bloglovin.
      There are other options but I’m not really in a position to pay for a service like it at the moment.

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