Look What I Made: Hodge Podge Large Granny Square Blanket

Granny Square
The Hodge Podge blanket is officially finished. I think. In all of its crazy colour-combination madness. All of the ends have been weaved in and I’ve been sleeping under it for about a month so it feels finished. I may add some more rows to it at some point, but for now it’s done.  And this blanket is just for me. It’s the twelfth blanket I’ve made so I guess it’s about time I keep one.

It’s made entirely of scraps from my stash with no thought given to colour, pattern or order. It is mostly acrylic but there is some wool and cotton in there too. It’s about 160cm x 160cm, very warm and quite heavy. I started the blanket in April 2012, did most of the work in the following September/October, then put it aside until just recently. Rather than making lots of granny squares and then joining them later, this blanket is one large granny square. I turned the blanket over after each round to avoid the shape of the square becoming distorted.

Granny square

Do you have a granny square blanket in your house? Since I learnt to crochet four years ago I’ve noticed how many fictional homes on TV and in movies have a crochet blanket draped on the couch. Remember the crochet blanket on Roseanne? An episode was even named after it – “Home Is Where the Afghan Is” (check it out at 3:34 in this video). Don and Betty Draper have a crochet blanket on their couch in the early seasons of Mad Men, Amy from The Big Bang Theory has a blanket made of granny squares and I remember a beautiful blue and brown chevron blanket in the movie Bridesmaids.

Granny square

Hodge Podge number 2 is already underway, again, random colours from my stash with no plan as to the pattern or order of the colours. Since both are made of scrap and leftover yarn it makes the blankets practically costless projects right? Free craft! Some say the granny square pattern was originally designed for just that, using up leftover yarn.

Here’s a video tutorial to get started on your own granny squares. You know you want to!

Photographed at Free Range Living in Kurnell, NSW.


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7 Responses to Look What I Made: Hodge Podge Large Granny Square Blanket

  1. love it! looks SO warm – need to make one for my place 😀

  2. I LOVE IT Katie!!! The colours go so well together, it’s hard to imagine you didn’t plan the colour arrangement in the first place.
    You have inspired me to make my own blanket, but so far all I’ve done are two large circles 🙂

  3. tina

    i made one just about the same many many years ago and now my daughter loves it too !!!

  4. Annette

    I still have one made by my grandmother, which I still use.

    I have made 4 this winter in Australia

  5. love it..its lovely and colorful..

  6. Heba Elmessiry

    Love the colours.. Looks soooo nice, great work 🙂 Can u please tell me the amount of yarn needed for this project ??? In grams please .. thank u sooooo much in advance 🙂

  7. Pamela

    It is lovely. A quick question, some of my scraps probably wouldn’t make it all around the row, is it okay to change colors If I had to mid way around the row?

    I’m appreciate your help.

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