Look What I Made: Reversible Vintage Sheet Sewing Machine Cover

My little sewing machine finally has a pretty cover, it’s not fancy but I love the fabrics and it came together quite easily. I didn’t follow a pattern, it’s a simple reversible cover with two box corners on top. It’s roomy in case I one day upgrade my almost 20-year-old Singer. The fabrics are vintage sheets that have been sitting in my drawer for way too long. They need to be free! Now I can see them everyday in my craftroom bedroom. I’d love to make another quilt with them, but for now this project was nice and quick and stress-free.

vinatge sheets sewing machine cover

How many of these fabrics are originals? I’m not too sure. Some may be reproductions but I don’t really mind. I purchased most of these fabrics as fat quarters on Etsy some time ago, but did manage to pick up a few colourful sheets in good condition from my local op-shops. Actually, now I think of it, the first sewing machine cover I made as a teenager was from an old pillow case. Long before I knew anything about vintage sheets. And long before they were so popular in the online crafty community. Heck, it was before I knew what the internet was. I was before my time, I tell you!

vinatge sheets sewing machine cover

The inner lining is also a vintage sheet (blue and purple floral above) but the patchwork side is just too colourful to hide away.

vintage sheets bunting

I made a little bunting to match (I was on a roll), because we all need a little bunting in our lives. How did we cope before bunting was everywhere? Long live the bunting. And the supply of gorgeous, colourful, printed vintage sheets.

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2 Responses to Look What I Made: Reversible Vintage Sheet Sewing Machine Cover

  1. ElleLizzy May

    Because we all need a little bunting in our lives….wise words for life! A reminder to have joy! tFS

  2. So cute, would bring so much colour to a room!

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