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* October is halfway over already, 2014 will be here before we know it. This year hasn’t been too bad to me, but I’m considering it as just a warm-up for 2014. But there is plenty of 2013 left, including the wedding of one of my besties in less than two weeks. That means less than two weeks to finish the biggest crochet blanket I’ve ever made. It’s a wedding gift for the couple and it’s still a secret design and colour scheme so stay tuned until the wedding bouquet has been thrown. (Throw it my way Michelle, can’t hurt can it?) The blanket is big and heavy and warm, 100% Australian wool. All will be revealed soon! In lieu of any photos of the blanket here are some pretty wedding-ish flowers.


* In other crochet news, I’m totally and hopelessly addicted to Hoooked Zpagetti. You could say I was hooked, but that’d be too cheesy wouldn’t it. I’ve been making these fun baskets and a couple of drink bottle bags. The baskets come together so quickly [relative to the epic (my description) blanket projects I usually work on] and I love the colours of the yarn. You can buy Zpagetti online or at Free Range Living in Kurnell if you are in Sydney. I do think Hoooked should just send the truck straight to my place and deliver one of each colour in their range to me! On the regular. (Pics via Instagram)

hoooked zpagetti

Katie’s Fashion Tip #19 – Always match your drink bottle bag to your nail polish.



These three baskets are already in their new home, love these colours together. I’ve got quite a few baskets ready to go, and Christmas is really just around the corner so do let me know if you’d like one or two. I’ll pop some in my Etsy store soon.


* October is breast cancer awareness month so there is a fair bit of pink going around. Which is a good thing, in my opinion!


Let me say it again, there is no point doing all of these awareness campaigns and fund-raising if you don’t help yourself. Get checked by your doctor, and if you aren’t happy get a second opinion. No one is too young, but catching things early is always the best option for a full recovery. I’ll be hosting my annual Girls Night In early next month and I have my eye on this special edition Ecoya candle. Sweet Pea and Jasmine is my favourite Ecoya scent and happens to be the two flowers that remind me of my mum. All proceeds of this special edition Ecoya and Model Co. Sweet Pea and Jasmine candle goes to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. And shipping is free for Australia and New Zealand. Perfect for yourself or to put away for Christmas. For yourself. Or for your friend Katie.



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