Look What I Made: Vintage Sheet Quilt No.4


This one belongs to my number one fan, my nanna.


Vital Stats:

Finished quilt number ten
Finished size – approx. 120cm x 120cm
Quilt top – 16 squares cut from vintage sheets, purchased from local thrift shops, Etsy and some swapped with fellow vintage sheet lover Thouraya
Batting – 100% cotton
Backing – A purple floral vintage sheet, purchased locally
Quilting – Two vertical and two horizontal lines on both sides of the seams
Binding – 1/4 inch double fold cross-grain hand sewn binding 


Vintage Sheet Quilt No.1
Vintage Sheet Quilt No.2
Vintage Sheet Quilt No.3



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3 Responses to Look What I Made: Vintage Sheet Quilt No.4

  1. Amy

    What a beautiful mix of patterns and colours. I can only imagine how soft it is. Making a vintage sheet quilt is on my ‘sewing bucket list’, this is helping spur me on to start one soon.

  2. Thouraya Battye

    Lucky Grandma!

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