Goodbye 2014

I didn’t post this on December 31st because I wasn’t quite ready to see the end of 2014. I wasn’t sure I’d done “enough” in 2014 for it to be over already. Not enough in a creative sense, more in a what-am-I-doing-with-my-life sort of way. There wasn’t a great deal of baking last year, and most of it was old favourites like Snickerdoodles, Kitchen Sink Cookies and Caramel Slice. Looking back, I think the only new recipe I tried was Impossible Pie after I heard about it for the first time and was immediately curious as to why I hadn’t come across it earlier.


On the craft front I managed to finish up a few projects that had been on hiatus, and started and finished quite a few more. It looks like 2014 was Year of the Blanket.

Top row: White Granny Stripe Blanket, Pink and Grey Quarter-Square Triangle Quilt, Vintage Sheet Quilt No.2, Hodge Podge No.2
Second row: Scrappy Vintage Sheet Pillow Case, Summer Song Quilt No.2, Grey Granny Stripe Blanket, Vintage Sheet Quilt No.4
Third row: Baby Granny Square Blanket, Baby Ripple Blanket, White Granny Square Blanket, Vintage Sheet Quilt No.3
Bottom row: Chevron Baby Blanket, Rainbow Quilt, Chevron Baby Blanket, Black Granny Stripe Blanket

Here’s to a 2015 filled with good times and sweet treats.

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