Look What I Made: Warm Granny Square

red_brown (2)

In 2009 I learnt how to crochet and started this blanket, which was to sit on my couch. Fast forward six or so years, and 20-odd blankets later I finally went back and finished up this blanket. These colours suited the d├ęcor at the time, however these days, as much as I try to resist, I’m all about all of the colours all of the time. The blanket does in fact live on my couch, however the couch no longer lives with me. A lot has changed since 2009!


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3 Responses to Look What I Made: Warm Granny Square

  1. I love the colours in your blanket. So lovely and warm. I have a couple of UFO blankets lurking around – must dig one or two out and get them finished sometime soon. Xox

  2. noeline fairchild

    How nice and swarm your colours are.
    I made one many years ago,..and recently have tried to do another.
    Cant seem to get my centre piece right tho,.I get to about 8 rounds in and it goes
    wrong.can you help?

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