Look What I Made: Corner-to-Corner Blue Blanket


A warm and snuggly blanket made with Bendigo Woollen Mills Luxury 8ply. My cousin asked if I could make her a blanket a little while ago, with the only request the blanket be shades of blue. This one now lives in the United States, on a couch in a house by the sea.


It would be great if I could remember where I wrote down the finished size of this one…It is definitely at least 120cm x 120cm…I think. It would be fantastic if I could remember which pattern source I used. I think it was a YouTube tutorial but this Red Heart pattern seems to be the same. The border is a row or two of  US single/UK double crochets, I had just enough yarn left for it.

It was hard letting this blanket go but that’s just all the more reason to make one of my own!

2 thoughts on “Look What I Made: Corner-to-Corner Blue Blanket

  1. Karen Hill says:

    Hi, I love the corner to corner blanket!
    Ive tried to do one but my blanket isnt square like yours in the photo. Any ideas what Im doing wrong?
    Thanks Karen

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