Update: A Very Vintage Wedding

We got married! On a sunny Saturday in November (yes, six months ago). In a gorgeous little community hall – Woodville School of Arts and Community hall in Woodville (Maitland, NSW). You can hire the hall for three days and bring in anything and everything your heart desires for your event. Perfect weather not included, but we seemed to get it! We were in engaged in June and planned a short engagement with a Spring wedding. Then we found out our family was about to become a family of three so our baby boy was right there with us. We didn’t know he was a boy back then though!

Of course I wanted to use vintage linens in the wedding decor. Let’s just take a moment to appreciate how understanding and accommodating my husband is. He likes the nostalgia and romance of a lot of the vintage things I like, but I thought a vintage sheet wedding might be pushing his limits. It wasn’t. He repeatedly told me he wanted our wedding to be just as I wanted. I didn’t want to spend a fortune. Neither did husband. All we wanted was an afternoon with our family and friends. I liked the idea of old school weddings where women bought a plate to share and you were married in your parents’ backyard. With that in mind, we planned our wedding with the help of some very special people.

We were married under a beautiful Cape Chestnut tree on the hall grounds, which just happened to be in full bloom. The wind that threatened to cause havoc ultimately only added to the picture, blowing pretty pink petals around us. The chairs belonged to the hall so we didn’t need to hire them. And do know you what? We were married by the end of the ceremony even without paying for white chair covers. I don’t think anyone minded either.

This little bunting photo album was $4 from The Reject Shop, with photos printed at home.

We bought drinks and hired a fridge to keep them cool; my lovely family helped bring the drinks inside for people to help themselves. The frames were all second-hand, and husband spray painted them for me. I donated them back to the op shop after the wedding.

I was a little disappointed the lovely big chrysanthemums we ordered were replaced with daisies. They were pretty but didn’t have the same impact. My auntie did a great job of arranging them in tin cans (I collected for months) which were adorned with a strip of lace. I narrowly avoided the Mason jar cliché but still wanted to use something cost-effective, and easy to find and make. The doilies were sourced from local op shops, I shopped around and didn’t pay more than a dollar or two for each.

Is there any better friend than one who offers to help with decorations? Jess made this bunting which was attached to an op-shopped tablecloth. My Nanna thought I’d pinched it from her cupboard! That says a lot about my tastes.

My hair was by Leah Ferguson Hair & Makeup and makeup by Georgia at Sublime Hair Skin Body. I didn’t skimp on these two things as when else does a girl get to be made up to look all pretty? Our photographs by Peaches on Sunday were great, all we wanted was a record of the day and those who were there. Jaz did exactly as we requested and as we only hired her for two hours it made having professional photographs affordable. It also took the pressure off asking a friend or relative to do it for us.

I bought my dress online from Tiffany Rose, their service was great. I ordered two and returned the one I didn’t want without any fuss. It was a risk buying from the UK but it worked out perfectly.

A benefit of marrying a carpenter is he can hang your vintage sheet bunting from way too high on a ladder with no trouble. The fabric was all from my stash and I made metres and metres of it. The hall had just been painted so it looked extra special. The stage and the grounds outside meant the kids had plenty of room to run amuck. What’s a wedding without kids, I say.

While we hired Caterforce catering to cook and serve finger food, my wish for homemade desserts came true. My relatives helped by bringing a plate (or five), and there were plenty of gluten-free options. Jess’s sister-in-law gifted us the delicious cupcakes, because you know I wasn’t going to get married without cupcakes. The sweets table was popular so there were not enough leftovers for my liking! I made Kitchen Sink Cookies but somehow they weren’t put out for guests, so I guess I got my leftovers after all.

The Chocolate Jaffa Mudcake from Bec’s Cake Creations was a wedding gift to us from a very special relative. We would have gone with something more simple otherwise, but it was lovely to have a “real” wedding cake for guests to taste.

The favours were good, old-fashioned lolly bags. I wanted a thank you that people could enjoy without giving them something to clutter up their home. On the front of the bag was a scrap of vintage fabric and a Project Life card. I bought the incomplete sets of cards on Ebay for much less than buying a whole packs.

At the end of the day we had the wedding we wished for. Lots of loved ones in a casual and relaxed afternoon gathering. We were blessed with so many guests, well wishes and gifts. And now we are living our happily ever after.


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2 Responses to Update: A Very Vintage Wedding

  1. Jess

    Yay! What a special day! Loved all the details and will never forget your sweet table, the yards of vintage bunting was just incredible but seeing so much joy & love in the room for you two (well three) had to be the absolute highlight! Beautiful memories to cherish always & so lucky that we could be part of it!!

  2. Ros

    I have tears of happiness as I read this. It was such a special day. Love you all lots xxx

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