I live in Sydney, Australia. I’m a 30-something redhead who loves to make things. Bake, crochet and sew mostly.

My mum was a great baker and cook so I think I picked up some skills from her at an early age. After she passed I would bake with my paternal grandmother, she would always let me help mix the cake batter. Although she doesn’t much care for cooking, my grandmother taught me to make her signature dishes – raisin cake, rice salad, tuna casserole and curried chicken. I remember helping my maternal grandmother make stuffing while visiting her in the UK. I remember her delicious roast dinners and desserts topped with custard. Most of my technical cooking and baking skills I learnt at school in food technology classes. It was one of my favourite subjects, second only to art class of course. I’m no expert baker but I love it, as long as I have people to share the goodies with!

My mother and maternal grandmother were both great knitters. Many of the clothes I wore as a baby and little girl were knitted by my grandmother in England and sent to Australia in a brown-paper package. My mum knitted toys and donated them to a children’s charity, oh how I wished one of those toys was for me! While my paternal grandmother taught me the basics of knitting, my passion lies with crochet. A few years ago I booked myself in for a crochet lesson then armed with a few books and YouTube tutorials I worked out the basics. The first completed piece was a small, pink toy mouse. Very basic, but quite an achievement at the time! Since then I’ve made toys and blankets, the majority given away as gifts or to charity. I’ve been known to crochet in the car, at the bus stop, at picnics, on the beach…anywhere I can.

My mum would also sew, I remember a pretty pink skirt she made for me, with one little pocket on the front. I loved looking at all of the coloured thread and pieces of lace in her sewing box. I started to sew after having lessons at school when I was about 13. My father bought me a sewing machine for my 14th birthday, the machine I still use today. Over the years I have brought the machine out from time to time but now has pride of place on my craft desk. A couple of years ago I used the machine to make my first quilts, both given as gifts.



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  1. mrs h

    i love the site!
    the pics are excellent! maybe you should be a food photographer?? :0)

    mrs H

  2. Hi Katie,

    Love your blog! 🙂 I have a little homewares/lifestyle store The Blue Mountains…and I do workshops, recently I have started teaching myself crotchet (hmmm it’s not easy on your own) which got me looking into classes up here and I can only find day time classes (not great when I have a business to run), so that got me into thinking of running classes in my store of an evening. I was wondering if you have any crotchet gurus in your network who are located in the mountains that could be interested in leading classes here?

    Look forward to your reply,

  3. Marta

    Thanks so much – this place is just magic! I love your projects (I do crochet myself) and the way you write about it.
    Add to my favorites!


  4. Thesa

    Hi Katie,

    I’ve been drooling over your mud cake photos since last month when I went searching for a new recipe. Ended up using the recipe of Janelle Bloom (Ready Steady Cook tv show) which was good but lacked “muddiness”. For Father’s Day, looking at making Donna Hay’s version in cupcakes but I swore, I’ll try your recipe next. However, I am unable to commit to more hours involved in baking/cooling a cake hence cupcakes. Do you think above recipe can work if I just follow Donna Hay’s recommended time of about half an hour until firm? If I don’t get your response in time, I might just go for it anyway, will still be yummy for sure. Thank you!!

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